Online and in-person lessons available, following all safety protocols!

Why Dance?

Lose Weight? Dance Does That!

Make New Friends?Dance Does That!

Express Yourself? 

Dance Does That!

Travel More? Dance Does That!

Dancing not only is an art, but is also one of the healthiest sports for personal fitness. Dancing allows for a full body workout while enjoying the natural desire to dance to a beat, regardless of your preference of style. Enjoy a variety of dance styles here at Dance Masters while working out your entire body, helping you achieve your weight loss goals!

Our studio provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all social dancers. Our ambience, silky floor and candle lights are unmatched. We have many students of different ages and backgrounds and abilities. You  can meet, mingle and share a dance or two! Dancing provides many opportunities to meet new people, create lasting friendships and wonderful memories.

Whatever style you prefer, dance allows you to express your emotions on the floor! We offer many different styles knowing individuals have differing preferences, and we encourage all to express themselves through dancing. After all, dance is not only a sport, but is also a beautiful art.

At Dance Masters, many of our students chose to take part in both local and international competitions abroad. In the picture above, you see some of our teachers with their students at a competition in Quebec City. We take part in many competitions throughout the year, including showcases, Galas and more!