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Here at Dance Masters, we offer a promotional package for all new students. For just $180, you can take part in every group class in a month, which is about 30 classes. That's just $6 for an hour long group class with a world-class, professional dancer and certified instructor. If you plan to dance frequently and want to improve your lifestyle, this is the best package for you!

At Dance Masters, we take pride in bringing you world-class dance teachers in every style we offer. Whether you prefer a classy ballroom, romantic rumba or anything in between, private lessons ensure an instructor can devote their full attention to yourself or you and a partner so that you can work on in depth technique and progress at your own pace.

Dance Masters offers a unique program for kids of all ages. The individualized approach at dance masters allows all kids to learn at their own pace while enjoying the dancing process. We understand the importance of an individual focus, especially with young kids, so our trained, world-class teachers will ensure your child get all the attention they need!

For those of you with a busy lifestyle, we know that making time for many classes can be a challenge. So, we have a pay per class package available for you! For a price of just $20, you can come to a class and enjoy the benefits of improving health, learning to dance and being taught by a professional, for a one time payment for every class you attend. This is the optimal package for busy parents and if you don't have a set schedule!